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Some Useful Links

Quiz: Can you name the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks by their cover art?

List of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks

Sorcery on Wikipedia

Major Villains of Fighting Fantasy

Fighting Fantasy Facebook Group

Fighting Fantazine Magazine

Gamebook-related forum

Reddit gamebook group

Blogger-style site with gamebook news

Some Blogs of interest

Jonathan Green's Blog

Russ Nicholson Blog

turn to 400 blog

Dan revisits every Fighting Fantasy title in this Blog

Torallion Blog

Fight Your Fantasy Reviews blog

Mark Lain FF Reviews blog

Lloyd of Gamebooks Blog

A girl's perspective on Fighting Fantasy books

Blog all about the world of Fighting Fantasy: Titan

Your Adventure Ends Here! Blog

Similar Projects

Fighting Fantasy Project

Programs for gamebook makers

Twine: a javascript engine

The Text adventure suite in java applet

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