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1-Feathers of the Phoenix You are looking for immortality. Can you locate the Feathers of the Phoenix?

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2-Quest for the Ebony Wand The ebony wand is hidden deep inside a crypt. Can you locate and retrieve it? Now with saving system so you can return to your adventure whenever you want.

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3-Kill the Beast Your town is being terrorised by a beast that is killing villagers - can you kill it? Choose from three character classes (Herbalist, Blacksmith or Farmer) and start your adventure.

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4-Curse of Blackwood Manor Can you lift the curse of the haunted Blackwood Manor?

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5-The Presence of a Hero You are a Wizard's apprentice with a goal to achieve - to be a true hero. Can you be this true hero?

choose 3 magic spells to start the adventure

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6-Legacy of the Vampire ©Mark Lain 2014, This adventure is a sequel/homage to Keith Martin's Count Heydrich adventures, Vault Of The Vampire and Revenge Of The Vampire, originally published in the Puffin Fighting Fantasy series as numbers 38 and 58 respectively. It is not necessary to have played these books before playing Legacy Of The Vampire, but familiarity with the previous books will allow the player to get more out of the experience and to pick up on cross- references. I have intentionally tried to emulate Keith Martin's Heydrich adventures by including references to Hammer Films and European vampire folklore, Skill and Faith tests, and cheat-proofing. I have deliberately not included the Blood Points mechanic as, in this third adventure, YOU are not knowingly trying to destroy Heydrich so it would make less sense here.

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7-Venom of Vortan ©Mark Lain 2015,This adventure is intended as a gentle tribute to very linear, item-heavy, old school-style dungeon trawls. The style of, and approach to, the design of this short subject is intentional and hopefully familiar to fans of early Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.

For Darren - a good man whose Stamina and Luck failed him far too soon.

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8-Rise of the Night Creatures No one should be prepared for this terrifying night, and you are you prepared?

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9-The Sleeping Dragon Go on adventure in search of the sleeping dragon can you make it alive?

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