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Css tweaking

Some tweaking done on the css, On the playing area: added spacing between paragraphs and color similar to light green. On the adventure chooser layout : change button styles and width of text input.

Recommended browser to read the adventures

While testing new browsers i recently found out Vivaldi browser, and I vividly recommend it because it saves the state of the adventures, so you can continue later on without saving the adventure.

Fast reading option improved

The Fast reading option has been improved to display all text word by word with a fade in effect

Playing Area Updated to bootstrap 4

Updated the playing area to bootstrap latest release.

Recapcha added to the simpler ff fan engine

The Simpler ff fan engine on web now has a google recaptcha when you create an user.

New set of random names for the characters

A new set of random names for the characters where created, it also integrates female variants now. The set is twice as long then the old one with thousands of random names generated.

New Adventure : The Sleeping Dragon

New adventure now available to play at the site

The FF reviews archive

The FF reviews archive is now available at the site

Fast reading option

Fast reading option is now available on all the adventures

Create a new character section and change on the gameplay layout

On most of the adventures there is now a create character area before the gameplay , also made some changes on the gameplay's layout

New font size and jquery animated increase/decrease font size

The new font size is now higher, and replaced the old increase / decrease font size javascript function with a new modern jquery function.

Graphic of completed adventures

Been curious on the average of time spent when people finished them so i made a graphic that illustrates this .

News Engine enabled

Now the news engine reads directly from the feed , to prevent downtime.

Changes on the simpler ff engine

Some changes to save the page you are in on the simpler engine

Changes on the gamebook playing area

Changed the background color letter color and links color on the adventures playing area

Google searches added to the homepage

Two google searches were added to the homepage to search wherever you like !!

New app link without publicity and waiting for the download available

New app link without publicity and waiting for the download available

Mobile Vs Desktop version on the gamebooks playing area

Now the playing area is completely adapted to be played on mobile phones.

New section on the site the beta planning blog!

A Simple blog have been lauched on the site , to tell the readers the plans on future releases, and beta testing

Simpler Engine Alternative version

Made a Simple Engine Alternative version for people to play on.

Fighting Fantasy Dictionary

Good news, Fighting Fantasy Dictionary is working again, (with only two entries atm) , if you want to contribute with more words send them to our site''s email.

Dropdown menu and rating on the fly

A dropdown menu was added to the whole site and also now the rating system shows directly on the adventure

Plans for the future

A person just contact me , asking me if i had plans for future implementations, I should reveal it now , to Finish a 400p adventure, and start another with a new feature on the stats. Edited

Rise of the Night Creatures debugging

In spite of is lenght Rise of the Night Creatures was a hard adventure to convert due to many specific page events, if you by chance seen any bug please report it to default@fanbooks.fightingfantasy.net

Rise of the Night Creatures now available to play

Rise of the Night Creatures now available to play on the full engine

The Making of a new adventure

Start to convert a new Mid sized Adventure to fully coded , more news shortly..

Studying a system to auto-login on the simple web engine

It came to my knowledge that many people forget to login on the starting page and therefore could not save the inventory for later use . So an auto login feature will be in study as the next implementation on the site, to prevent this from happening. New users will be automatically logged in once they create an user, while the users already created will be automatically logged in once they log in for the 1st time (like on facebook).

New adventure added to the simple web engine - The Ranger of Grewlant

A new adventure was added to the simple web engine and also converted as windows app an epic 400 sections adventure : The Ranger of Grewlant

Loading/Saving notes implemented

Loading and Saving notes have been implemented on the Windows apps

New section added - The rpg hits

A page with RPG hits to listen to have been added to the site

New site domain : fanbooks.fightingfantasy.net

New site domain : fanbooks.fightingfantasy.net